In order for our school to ensure that we are providing for the best interests of the child, all requests for a part-time place will be individually considered by the leaders of the school.
We expect requests to be put in writing at the first stage. The school will consider such requests in the best interests of the child at every stage of the process to ensure that the School Admissions Code 2014 is being adhered to.
Where a part-time place is agreed between the family and our school, This offer will be 5 full morning sessions per week. This offer is not flexible.
 As a school, it is our responsibility to ensure that all children are safe and that their education is well provided for. As a school with 7 forms of entry in Reception and 210 children in our Reception intake, this can only be achieved if we are secure in our knowledge of when all part-time children are attending.
If you are considering a part-time place for your child, please ensure that you read the Reception Admissions policy on this page.