Maths Mastery at Hillyfield aims to ensure that pupils develop a deep and sustainable knowledge in mathematics by taking time to explore topics in greater depth and make connections between areas of mathematics. Practice should reflect thevariation required to build factual, procedural and conceptual fluency; the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract models to aid understanding ; emphasis on mental calculation strategies.
Our aims are for children:
• To enjoy mathematics, be successful and have a positive attitude towards the subject
• To have the confidence, resilience and ability to tackle mathematical problems.
• To develop a sound understanding of basic mathematical concepts through practical investigational work.
• To acquire appropriate and necessary mathematical skills and to apply them confidently and accurately.
• To be able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge and talk about their work using appropriate mathematical language.
• To use mathematics as part of their everyday life in school and at home.
• To help pupils recognise that mathematics is a search for pattern and relationship and ensure problem-solving and investigations are a key priority.
• Ensure that all pupils follow a broad and balanced mathematics programme based on the requirements of the National Curriculum.
• To ensure that all pupils are provided with interesting and challenging tasks that enables them to broaden and deepen their mathematical knowledge leading to mastery of topic areas
• To ensure that pupils can work individually, collaboratively in groups and within the whole class.
• To allow pupils to develop as independent learners, who are able to make decisions about their own work.