Welcome to the PE, Health and Well Being page where you can meet the PE Team and find out all you need to know about the wide ranging opportunities we provide all children and the schools outstanding comittment to your child’s PE, Health and Well Being.
 PE, School Sport and Children’s Health & Well Being
Children’s PE and School Sport is a vital part of their personal development, health and well being and is delivered through the PE curriculum,  sports and physical activity clubs, competition, inspiration events, and embedds healthy active lifestyles. We strive to provide the best opportunities for children to be healthy, active and enjoy, achieve and develop through PE and Sport.
What it looks like at Hillyfield
At Hillyfield we are training our teachers to deliver a multi-ability Fundamental Movement and Fundamental Skills curriculum that develops the whole child. Teaching the child (rather than the sport) we provide personalised learning and develop independent learners who are confident, want to improve, understand how to improve and challenge themselves to achieve personal bests.
Children will understand that PE, Sport and Physical Activity are an important part of a healthy active life. Life skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership and values such as honesty and fair play, responsibility and independence taught through PE and school sport will create wider life opportunities, develop greater aspirations and help children to attain and achieve more in all areas of their lives.