Hillyfield introduced a revised curriculum this year.
The curriculum is planned and delivered through a topic question (inquiry) e.g. Why can’t snails jump? which encourages the children to be the designers of their own learning.
Hillyfield is completing its acreditation as a Thinking School having already embedded Habits of Mind and Thinking Maps. The final component of becoming a Thinking School is establishing Philosophy for Children (P4C) and all teaching staff have now completed their training.
The delivery of the revised curriculum and new learning processes is accompanied by an innovative approach to the school’s learning environment through the creation of flexible classrooms.
With the invaluable support of the PTA and a truly collaborative  endeavour between teaching staff and children Hillyfield is transforming the learning environment. The traditional classroom with one desk/table space per child has been replaced with an array of furniture options so that each classroom becomes a flexible learning space. Children can be seen learning standing up, seated on cushions, stools and rugs, writing on lap trays or kneeling at tables. The classrooms and children are in continous flow and the result is calmer and stmulating environment where learning is accelerated.
All of these innovations are supported by a rigorous montitoring of their effectiveness and within a neew landscape of assessment. This new landscape, a product of government policy, has removed the traditional assessment practice of giving children a grade or level to a new framework of Assessment without Levels.
Hillyfield’s teaching and learning revolution is being delivered through strong leadership, talented practioners and Hillyfield’s vision to find “Brilliance in Every Child and Excellence Every Day.”