Our school is built on the belief that every child has a brilliance, something about them which is special and unique.  Working with parents, it is our responsibility as a school to make sure each child’s brilliance is nurtured and developed so that every child feels valued and successful.  The children understand that “brilliance” can take many forms: we have children at Hillyfield who are linguists, great writers, exciting performers, talented athletes, exceptionally empathetic, innovators, devoted friends…the list goes on
We want Hillyfield children to leave our school as confident readers, writers and mathematicians.  But through the broad and rich curriculum we offer them, access to specialist teachers and through use of the Habits of Mind, we also want children to be able to articulate what their brilliance is and be proud of themselves. 
 At Hillyfield, we believe that this isn’t achieved by accident.  We know that we must dedicate ourselves to this every day and that staff, children and parents alike must strive for excellence so that each child can fulfil their full potential.    
Our values show what we think is of the greatest importance to everyone at Hillyfield:
Creating a sense of belonging
 We want every child to feel loved and cared for us an individual from the moment they walk through the school gates.  We know that children learn best when they are happy and feel safe.  This is our first priority.
Building aspirations
We are ambitious on behalf of the children in our school. We want to help them to aim high; we want them to believe that they can achieve their dreams.
Developing Talent
We want to provide the children at Hillyfield with a rich curriculum that enables them to discover and develop their talents.  Our team of specialist teachers enable the children to access a range of subjects including Art, Music, Dance, ICT, PE and Maths on a weekly basis.
Having Fun
We believe one of our most important roles is to “switch children on to the passion of learning”. We want the children’s time in primary school to be one of fun, adventure, discovery and curiosity.  We know that children learn best when they are having fun and actively engaged in their learning.