As part of our vision “Brilliance in every child”, Hillyfield children get the opportunity to work with an Artist-in-Residence. Christian Griffin and Elizabeth Tarr work at the Hill and Park sites respectively and are both highly respected local artists.
The children are introduced to different materials: plaster, fabric, cement, wood, found objects, as well as different ways of making art: sculpture, collage, stitch, as well as painting and drawing.  Drawing is an important part of the children’s imaginative development and this is encouraged to develop their skill and originality. The children work alone and in pairs or small groups.  They gain knowledge of the history of art and contemporary artists, studying other artists in order to broaden their own creative development.  The children are encouraged to talk about their artwork together in order to gain articulacy and confidence. Trips to central London art galleries are organised to give the children to experience exceptional works of art first-hand. 
Elizabeth organises Art on a Saturday, a project running for the last six Saturdays of the summer term where 60-70 children are given the opportunity to work with practicing artists to create artwork in an artistic community.  The outcomes from this remarkable project can be seen in the entrance hall of Hillyfield on the Hill.
The children also have the chance to work with a ceramicist at times during the year. We have a kiln at Hillyfield on the Hill so the children’s work is fired and glazed on site.  Much of the ceramic work made by the children can be seen displayed around the school. We also have a full time Art teacher who works with children across both sites as part of our specialist provision.