Over the last half-term year five’s topic has been the Olympics. Through this topic, we have carried out our own Olympics games. We have learned about he history of the games, learned about Greek history and democracy as well as studying Greek art and designing and creating our own Greek vases. We have also learned about the modern Olympic games in which the learning culminated in a visit to the Queen Elizabeth Park, which was the site of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Through this visit, children learned how the area of Stratford was regenerated from barren industrial wasteland to a beautiful landscaped park with sporting facilities for future generations.
In maths, topics have included: number and percentage, geometry, shape and measure. Year five learned about percentages of amounts such as 50%, 10% and 20%. When investigating geometry, we revised types of angles, used protractors to measure angles and calculating missing angles. In addition, we reviewed the features and properties of 2D and 3D shapes, translation of coordinates and translations of shape.
Our Power of Reading book, Way Home, inspired rich language learning and writing, focusing upon first person narratives, diary entries and instructional texts. These writing contexts provided an opportunity to developed a deeper understanding of English grammar, which included verb tenses, modal verbs and multi-clause sentences (which included conditional sentences and relative clauses).
Next term our topic focuses on penguins, and our Power of Reading books is Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf. Through this topic, we will be learning about the differences in lifecycles in mammals, amphibians, insects and birds, describe the life processes of reproduction in some plants and animals and will be investigating forces including water resistance, air resistance and friction. ​