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PSHE - Personal, Social, Health and Economics Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

At Hillyfield Primary Academy, we believe that PSHE is an integral part of our school life. PSHE helps our children to develop into confident, happy, healthy and independent members of society. It helps shape our children into individuals that are able to deal with moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up. It gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in scenarios that may arise and it gives them the strategies to be able to overcome such situations. At Hillyfield Primary Academy, we explicitly teach PSHE a minimum of twice per half term. However, the relevance of PSHE means that it arises in classrooms everyday e.g dealing with friendship worries, promoting good mental health, practising mindfulness etc.

PSHE Events

Hillyfield Primary Academy take part in many PSHE events across the year.

  • Mental Health Awareness Week

Children focus on what good mental health looks like. Children learn strategies on how to deal with daily anxieties and how to seek help.

  • Anti-Bullying Week

    Values on being a good person/friend are emphasised.

  • Neurodiversity Week

    The importance of celebrating diversity in our community.


PSHE Schemes of Work

At Hillyfield Primary Academy, we follow the 1Decision programme. Our programme is split into 6 modules: Keeping/Staying Safe, Relationships/Growing and Changing, being Responsible, Feelings and Emotions, Computer Safety and Our World. High-quality life skills education is essential for all students to reach their full potential. 1decision provides an interactive bank of resources which supports PSHE, RSE, Health education, SMSC development, and safeguarding. 

Mapped to the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study, our resources help children to develop the skills needed to manage different influences and pressures, as a part of their personal development. 1Decision’s unique suite of resources allows students to experience challenging situations in a safe environment. 

During their time at primary school, children will encounter many of life’s challenges for the first time. 1decision aims to provide children with the knowledge and skills needed to lead safe, healthy, and happy lives.


Online Resources and Support for Parents

Helping your children deal with anxiety-


BBC Bitesize-


Keeping safe-



RSHE - Relationships, Sex and Health Education

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